A horrible hack

ED Sedgwick

We Wear White

Year Released: 2012
Format: CD
Label: Dischord
Reviewed by Kjetil Holstad on Jan 22, 2013
The man behind E.D. Sedgwick, Justin Moyer, has a background from some of the, at least to me, more obscure bands on Dischord namely Antelope and El Guapo and thus might represent a glimpse into the overlooked back catalogue of Dischord from the past decade.

We Wear White reminds me of the more funk inspired bands like the Make Up in its rather raw approach to rock 'n' roll mixed with a whole lot of Q and not U like post-punk and this cross works tremendously well, so well that I had to check if his other outputs under the Edie Sedgwick name was equally good. From the glimpse I had of the Edie releases they seem much more all over the place and less structured and less organic. Without claiming to be an Justin Moyer expert, I would find it hard to believe anyone claiming We Wear White not to be his best album under the Sedgwick moniker.

Lyrically it seems that Justin Moyer has comedic aspirations.

Based on this it seems obvious to dive into Antelope and El Guapo to see if I really missed out on something.

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