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By Surprise


Year Released: 2013
Format: 7"
Label: Topshelf Records
Reviewed by MH on Feb 2, 2013
New material here from South Jersey's By Surprise. Catchy, mid-paced indie rock with nods to the likes of The Promise Ring and The Get Up Kids and plenty of pick-sliding. There are three fine tunes here and the lead track "Criteria", in particular, is a bit of a corker - catchy, melodic, laidback and quite the pop song. "Wear That Crown" is similarly catchy while the last song is a little more quirky and melodic - it goes more into collegey indie rock territory. I like the way in which By Surprise keep things simple and whereas I found the last album to be a little patchy, this is much tighter and more concise. Decent - a full-length of this quality would be super.

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