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Youth in Youth

Year Released: 2012
Format: LP
Label: Count Your Lucky Stars
Reviewed by MH on Feb 4, 2013
Ohio's Annabel are back with more of their Built To Spill-style indie rock and this is a more than solid collection of their latest work. Poppy sensibilities creep in throughout from the marching opener "Young American" (which is really good by the way) through to the last track and the album has a warm feel on the whole. When I say “warm” it’s because it has a summery feel to it although it has appeared in the middle of winter. There are some hints of a shoegaze influence as well as more obvious post rock moments which come through in particular on the two brief instrumentals which break up the songs on the second half of the album. The singalong parts that were notable on their previous stuff is here again on the likes of "Anti-Decisions" and "You Could Be Living Better". The guitars are nice and jangly at times but they can rock out when they want to as well. I am a fan of the drumming on this record too - he fairly pounds the drums for this type of music and really lifts some of the songs on here. The almost anthemic "Home" is probably the best song on here for me and it comes in after the instrumental "Theme From "Home"" which is nicely miserable and fuzzy. The hypnotic closing track "Our Days Were Numbered" almost beats it by way of the melancholy opening riff and the drifting sadness before its heavier ending. A lovely, warm record that has grown on me hugely since the first few listens.

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