A horrible hack

Blessed State


Year Released: 2012
Format: Tape
Label: self released
Reviewed by Joe Caithness on Feb 11, 2013
Why hello, it's THAT guitar sound. It's so 80s it hurts, and it makes me feel all fuzzy and lovely, You might know it as the "Metal Circus" sound: a raspy wall of shimmering noise. This is some ace little demo of Husker Du / Moving Targets / revolution summer raging. Bit dreamy chords and tight booming drums, vocals just creeping through the music. The third track sounds like a Three demo with hardcore vocals or something, nice! The demo ends with a more dynamic clean guitar infused proto emo styling. There is a sudden influx of this sound now, if you like bands like Give, City Dweller and True Head check this out right away!

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