A horrible hack

Col lapse

Mínima Esperança

Year Released: 2011
Format: LP
Label: BCore
Reviewed by Joe Caithness on Feb 15, 2013
So this isn't new, it's actually pretty old, but I think it's worth sharing now. They are not a hype band, an Internet band, or members of anyone hip, so they probably haven't reached most punx yet. My buddy Steve (aka Istvan) saw this band play in their native Barcelona and sent me a message saying "I have got you an lp, it's a band I think you'll love". Which is pretty sweet of him, because when I when I heard it, I loved it.

This band have a sweet sound, which is nostalgic enough to grab any jaded old hardcore kids, but melodic and produced enough to grab anyone who likes catchy melodic hardcore. This is straight up Minor Threat/Dag Nasty style driving DC hardcore, but with a twist. This band do not only break all rules by having a dot in their music, they also sing in their native Catalan, which turns out makes a particularly nice sound when sung in harmonies over fast and chunky punk rock. Some proper bangers hiding in here too, real mixtape material.

If you are looking for music to put on your music player for that first long walk in the sun in Spring, then grab this one.

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