A horrible hack

Bored Spies

Summer 720

Year Released: 2013
Format: Download
Label: Damnably - Deer Island
Reviewed by MH on Feb 19, 2013
Well, this is a nice surprise. Two drifting, melancholy indie rock songs with sweet, harmonious female vocals from a band I have not heard of before. This is a three-piece who like to make it hard for themselves by being based in three different cities around the world - Singapore, Seoul and Arizona. Some hefty CVs amongst the members too including Seam and Bitch Magnet. There is a smidgeon of post rock in some of the guitar sounds and both tracks have a slightly subdued and drifting nature. The second song is called "沙鼠E". I think it means "Gerbils E" in Chinese but I could be way off here and will blame Google Translate for any glaring error. Both songs are really mellow and gorgeous and this track in particular is brilliant. It looks like these are the first two songs from this band. I look forward to hearing a lot more from these guys and the good news is that there is an album due this year.

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