A horrible hack


Northern Aggression

Year Released: 2013
Format: CD
Label: PATAC - Goat Skull
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Feb 19, 2013
More horrid, gargly, sludgy stuff from these long-running fuck-ups and what must be, in both name and in spirit, the very opposite of 'southern comfort'. There's definitely a heightened sense of pace on this one, most tracks incorporating some sort of frenzied activity before the band run out of puff and pause for wheezing, smoke-slowed breath. This gives things a dirtier, grindier vibe than 2010's 'Goat' and definitely plays into the whole demented Cavity / EHG vibe, the band swaying, punch-drunk and thoroughly unpredictable as they chop between hefty, feedback-strewn wallops and rage-blinded flailings.

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