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Child Meadow

Crispy BBQ Tofu Burger

Year Released: 2011
Format: LP
Label: Desertion - Orchid Scent - Protagonist - Caleiah - Bus Stop Press - Darbe Forstu
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Mar 4, 2013
Had this one a little while so apologies to all concerned! Child Meadow are some Frenchies (with members of Bokanovsky) who deal in sore throated emotional hardcore, bringing to mind elements of the 90s French emo sound, bands such as Peu Etre, and all that jazz. This makes for a pretty cool listen, songs are energetic and fast paced with yelled vocals. The furious pace and melodic riffage they throw in means that bands such as 1000 Travels of Jawaharlal, you certainly donít get many bands like this to the pound in 2013. Itís a quality album, although perhaps a little lacking in variation at times. Then again, when you want to listen to a blazing record of this nature, you donít really want them to throw in something completely out of the ordinary, you just want them to get on with the sweet fast melodies. …tť is the something completely out of the ordinary, more of an ambient / post rock thing that just crops up in the middle, and Interlude is an instrumental piece that appears towards the end.

I like that a lot of the song titles are months, very emo. Especially when the last track is called Automne.

All in all this is a solid genre piece. If you like this kind of music this album is a fine example of it, but I donít think itíll convert anyone who isnít already besotted with bands that played this sort of thing several years ago.

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