A horrible hack



Year Released: 2012
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Mar 8, 2013
It's post punk, it's Joy Division. It's an electronic Interpol - oh wait that's Joy Division. I like it. About 4 and a half minutes in (it's like 9 minutes long, I have a very short attention span, so it's very difficult for me to get this far (consider that a positive - I struggle when a song goes on for longer than three minutes so this must be alright - or maybe I fast forwarded it? You will never know, and I will never tell!)) It has a great burst of energy and racket, that then drops down to nothing for ages, which is also super.

The B side has great drum machine and robot voice singing, and that high rapid guitar playing with a bit of delay so beloved by the post rock band of yore, it's also a good song. Like a really good post rock version of a Cylob song I once heard that I liked.

All round pretty good stuff.

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