A horrible hack

Brito - Grinding Halt


Year Released: 2013
Format: LP
Label: sncl - De Graanrepubliek - Shove - Moment of Collapse
Reviewed by MH on Apr 6, 2013
This is some heavy, heavy stuff right here! The first side of this split is Grinding Halt who I have not heard before. They serve up 4 tracks of pummelling and vicious noise, blending metal, hardcore and punk with ferociously abrasive vocals. Within seconds they are right in your face and raging. All four songs are brutal and murderous and the lumbering final track, "De Rekening", is a standout with its desperate ending. Brito's side is slightly less heavy but still pretty pummelling and with more of an emo slant. This is the first new stuff by them in a good while. They are one of the few bands around who can really justify any Shotmaker comparisons with a thunderous, grooving bass and rhythm section. That bass is probably best exemplified on the opening to the second track, "Generations". Again, I'd pick the closing track as the best one on here - it opens with a pounding drumbeat and flailing riff and proceeds to a building ending. Brito's 5 songs are outstanding - full of energy, menace and desperation all the way through. This 12inch, particularly Grinding Halt's side, is one of the heaviest things I have listened to in a while.

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