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Year Released: 2012
Format: Tape
Label: Utarid
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Apr 14, 2013
Singaporeans Tapestry dropped this to us last year, fully aware that more than a couple of people at Collective Zine will give a positive review to something that sounds like Mineral. That is why this didnít get sent to Joe C or Alex Deller, and why it ended up in my car tape player for quite some time. Tapestry deliver 5 songs that are so resolutely guided by the undying light of Mineral that your tolerance for said sound is really the only thing that matters here. The music is gentle and downbeat, it suits this nothing Sunday morning perfectly as I sit here, drinking too much coffee and wasting the day away. The vocals here are soft and drift in and out, sometimes injecting a little more desperation and urgency, whilst the guitars are uniformly gorgeous. Of course, the songs tend to start out slow and then build up into the explosions, Tapestry have read the book from cover to cover several times, and this is their interpretation. Whilst reviving this particular sound is quite a popular thing to do, Tapestry have a fair bit of merit and this is well worth a listen if you arenít burned out on bands doing this. I think the vocals in particular make this, they definitely standout from the crowd even if they are bound tightly to Chris Simpsonís template. Good EP.

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