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Lake Michigan


Year Released: 2013
Format: CD
Label: Wolf Town DIY
Reviewed by James Williams on May 1, 2013
It looks like summer might finally be on its way, as the sun beams down and it seems like the perfect time to listen to something soothing. This is the latest release from York based solo artist Chris Marks, who goes by the name Lake Michigan. Its lightly plucked acoustic music with a touch of emo. I donít listen to a lot of acoustic music, but I like this a lot. Some people may think it sounds a bit to Americanised, especially in the vocals, but as itís in context itís okay. On his Bandcamp page, Lake Michigan is tagged as ďslowcoreĒ which is quite an apt description. The simple arrangements and very adept guitar playing make this a joy to listen too. The understated vocals give it an edge as well, as theyíre not overdone and donít run the rule over the rest of the music. The vocals during Airport are almost whispered and are similar to spoken word at times. The production on the record is minimal, like the music and the songs themselves arenít too long. June And Why It Happened features a guest appearance from fellow York folk singer Nicole Palfrey from Oh Poor Watcher. The female vocals add too the feeling of melancholy in the song. Iím so chilled out after listening to this that I donít want to stick on anything heavy. Thatís the power of Lake Michigan though I guess. Both Wolf Town DIY and Lake Michigan have done great things with this release. If you like dreamy, acoustic music then you could do worse than check this out.

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