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Across Tundras - Lark's Tongue


Year Released: 2013
Format: LP
Label: Cavity
Reviewed by Alex Deller on May 13, 2013
Two nicely-matched bands on this split LP, both exploring similar themes and territory in ways different enough that they complement each another rather than ooze into oneness. Across Tundras have a stack of releases out these days, but if yo're not familiar with them they play a very American brand of rock that's heavy, hoary and has a loping, slightly shambolic Neil Young-esque quality to it. After a few minutes of murky squalling the lengthy 'Low Haunts' finally slaps the dust from its breeches and kicks off, the ringing guitar parts winding away with Tanner Olson's drawl in a manner that seems semi-improvised and doesn't always quite work while 'Crux To Bear' is shorter, a tad heavier and still possesses some of those awkward parts that might be forgivable but nonetheless hold them back from being as out-and-out great as kindred spirits US Christmas. Lark's Tongue were a new one to me but an enjoyable find, theirs a woozier brand of rock indebted to the same kind of Creedence / Allman Bros / Mountain classicism but swaddled in some lite, unobtrusive wibbling that recalls the less-crazed end of modern psych. They also dole out two tracks but without Across Tundras' troublesome hiccups, instead sliding effortlessly from looming organ churn to crunchier climes and back while their singer does a reasonable enough Layne Staley approximation. Hideous as that may sound to many (most?) readers of the CZ it is, in fact, pretty ok: have yourself several sips of good scotch and give it a try for yourself if you donít believe me, or at least ask your dad and let me know what he thinks of it all.

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