A horrible hack

Better Days

Good Luck Tonight

Year Released: 2012
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Edward Ling on May 18, 2013
A bit of a belter this. Gang choruses, percussion driving matters along like an uzi set to automatic, no bullshit vocals, ever so slightly downtuned guitars. Right tight as you like. And there you go. 4 tracks and not one of them over two and a half minutes. Maximum score for intent, maximum for execution. Think Gorilla Biscuits or Youth of Today, but only way better, 'cos they are new and only going to keep producing new stuff - with both poke and balls - just like this. I downloaded this from their bandcamp page, as is my want. Would do cassettes or vinyl and that but I am uncool and live far from civilisation so have to rely mostly on soulless data from the interweb. And in any case this is pretty much download only. I then came across and paid good money for their demo ep “Songs about Drinking”. Admittedly this was mainly because the front cover of this equal beauty was a pastiche of the (in)famous Big Black album cover, except with the chick sweating and grimacing not from being in a japanese porno comic but rather from being violently sick. But you have to see it. Genuine genius.

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