A horrible hack

Slugs and Snails


Year Released: 2013
Format: 10"
Label: self released
Reviewed by Joe Caithness on May 18, 2013
Ah, like a breath of fresh air into my ears. Slugs and Snails did a really strong, but quite poor sound quality demo which was up on Bandcamp and I enjoyed it a lot while doing some long walks through wooded areas this winter. So when I saw this had dropped I was over the moon. They are a German band and do something akin to what Carson Wells do over here in the UK: churning, riffed up, desperate emo. And they do it damn good.

First impressions are that they still haven't quite cracked their production, a quite squished dull sound here, which is a shame coz I wanna hear every little dramatic hit. This is some really intense and constantly ready to boil over music which will appeal to fans of Sinaloa, Baton Rouge and Self Defense Family etc.

The killer track on this for me is the second: “Starships”, which has some great dreamed out floaty chords building into a really intense crashing crescendo. Some excellent “little boy locked out of his house trying to get back in” vocals here ala Ethel Meserve.

Really hope these guys can come play the UK next year and bring their friends Solemn League!

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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