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Small Plastic Songs

Year Released: 2013
Format: 7"
Label: Record Collective Limited
Reviewed by James Williams on May 21, 2013
This 7Ē features four bands from Sydney, Australia. They are Skullsquadron, Ya Aha, The Aerotrope Guild and Restless Leg. Itís also the first release from new Sydney based label, Record Collective Limited. Skullsquadron are kind of fuzzed-up indie, with low vocals. Their song Wind Shear would be good playing in the background during a beach BBQ. Their Facebook page states that they like artists like My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jr, so expect grungy/depressing/gothic songs in the future. Ya Aha sound more upbeat and they play a more garage-rock style of indie. Iím not a big fan of the singing. It reminds me of The Vines for some reason. Perhaps itís the Sydney connection! The Aerotrope Guild follow suit, but take the pace down a couple of notches. Thereís some nice guitar work during their song Time Speeds. It actually has elements of The Promise Ring in it. Restless Leg closes out this 4-way split with Two Sides. They inject some vocal melodies into the song, as well as more good guitar work. Itís got a retro feel to it, but is the best song here in my opinion. Hats off to Record Collective Limited for wanting to put this out on vinyl. If youíre an indie-rock fan, look this up as thereís plenty here that will appeal to you. Itís also a good reference to where the music scene in Sydney is as right now. Iím not convinced though!

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