A horrible hack

Cultura Tres

El Mal Del Bien

Year Released: 2011
Format: CD
Label: Devouter Records
Reviewed by Edward Ling on Jun 3, 2013
If you miss Slipknot now Corey is off doing that Stonesour thing and generally walking around with his mask off... then this is for you. Largely in that now old school nu metal vein which I guess could pass for Doom, and generally as sludgy-heavy-dark as hell. There are definite South American touches in the Max Cavalera stylee here - this lot hail from Venezuela - that do give this its own distinct personality. There is a fair amount of variation in sound and pace here, and some distinctly tribal sounds mixed in amongst the obligatory downtuning and guitar squeals, and some of this grinds right down into a claustrophobic and nasty place. Fairly relentless, not lacking in intent or sonic assault, this will definitely find its audience. Not least my dad, who loves his Slipknot, Celtic Frost, Soulfly, and all that, and quite enjoyed this. With a well-produced and fairly polished sound, this would also most likely get four and a half hammers in Metal Hammer. Or maybe 4 Ks out of 5.

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