A horrible hack

Moral Straightjacket

Bury Me In Irvine

Year Released: 2013
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Joe Caithness on Jun 15, 2013
Here's a band I'm pretty sure sure no one will ever like, they pretty much couldn't be any more un-trendy right now, but fuck it, this is well worth talking about.

Moral Straightjacket are desperate and bleak punk band with some darker post punk influences from Irvine which is somewhere in the states I guess. They did a demo, which was pretty good, although it kinda sounded too much like it's influences, this on the other hand, sounds like some guys in a room playing their hearts out without checking their references.

The real killer track here is the second (proper) song: “The Anteater in Love” which has the killer vocals and lyrics which make me clench my fists into a tight ball while walking around town without any self awareness. I like how the singer sounds like he's genuinely in pain for the whole record.

There is a still a little work to go before this band is fucking killer, but they are really getting there. Stick with it.

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