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Last Witness


Year Released: 2012
Format: 7"
Label: Holy Roar
Reviewed by James Williams on Jun 15, 2013
The UK’s melodic hardcore scene seems to be going pretty well at the moment. Last Witness is a good example of this. They released this 7” at the back end of 2012 through Holy Roar Records and they’ve got a slot on this year’s Download Festival.

Anyway, this 7” features two tracks. Saccharine is heavy. There’s plenty of mosh in it, especially in the guitars. The vocals are pretty fierce too. The melody from the guitars helps to break things up and there’s even a metal influence thanks to some pinch harmonics. This song will certainly ignite a decent pit live. Less Than Zero pretty much follows in the same vein, but does feature some nice angular riffs at the start. It seems that Last Witness are stepping away from their hardcore roots slightly and taking things is more metal direction. If people are looking for more musical variation and textures, you won’t get it here. If you want something to rage to though, you’ve found it. Hopefully, Last Witness will inspire new kids to form bands and play heavy music.

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