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Year Released: 2013
Format: CD
Label: Black Numbers - Paper and Plastick - Coffeebreath & Heartache - Ice Grills
Reviewed by James Williams on Jun 18, 2013
Buffalo, NY’S Pentimento originally released their self-titled full length as a free download in 2012 but it is now about to be released as a full vinyl release. This is the follow up to their 2012 split with Young English and features an acoustic version of the song “The Bridge” that appeared on that split. I haven’t listened to any punk rock in a while, so this is very welcome. Whenever I listen to punk rock, I always think of summer (sorry for the cliché) and this record is no different. It’s full of punchy, to the point songs. Musically, Pentimento have never messed about. Their song structures are minimal but effective. Circles could well appear on the radio. Pentimento possesses that driving guitar sound that makes a perfect accompaniment to the vocals, especially during fourth song The Wind. The vocals are actually pretty soaring in that song. They inject their music with subtle screamo/emo moments, but these are minimal and don’t change the overall effect of their punk-rock backbone. It’s acoustically that their sound really jumps out at you. The acoustic of The Bridge draws a whole new level emotion from the vocals and makes them sound even more alive. Pentimento slow down with Subtle Words. It’s got that cool country music vibe to it. They follow that vibe into For Winter, which has the same chilled out pace. Tacked onto the end of the record are two bonus acoustic tracks here. They are acoustic versions of the opening two tracks Unless and Circles, but in reverse order. They’re available as download only bonus tracks though, so are not on the vinyl. They end the record on a calm note and show that Pentimento are confident with their songwriting, whether it’s acoustic or fully plugged in. This is a great record.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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