A horrible hack

Rough Hands


Year Released: 2013
Format: 7"
Label: Holy Roar - Day By Day - Illegal Activity
Reviewed by James Williams on Jul 2, 2013
This is latest release from UK hardcore band Rough Hands and also their first on vinyl. Holy Roar Records, German label Day-By-Day Records and Rough Hands own DIY label Illegal Activity released it co-operatively, in May. What you get here is four short, fast hardcore-punk songs. Hardcoreís lines have been constantly blurred since itís inception with bands like Youth of Today and Black Flag and continues to envelope more genre influences. Rough Hands put forth a sound akin to that of the UKís current melodic hardcore bands mixed with that of the darker bands that sit on the periphery of the genre. Itís more European than US sounding. Opener Dilute is a statement of intent from the band, spelling out their love for a chaotic, mosh-heavy sound. Maledictus has an industrial dance style groove to it, but donít let that put you off because itís immense all the same. They donít leave much time for breath between songs either, particularly between Maledictus and Toska. Iím hearing shades of Cancer Bats in some of the riffs in Toska, due to subtle flecks of rock n roll and even elements of Korn in their more introspective sections! Closing track Spite features a bit more of a mathy sound in its intro, before launching back into some mosh-heavy core. This is the longest player on the EP, with a thicker sound and a more composed texture, whereas the previous three were pretty much just blink and youíll miss it. The great thing about Rough Hands is that they donít mess about. They get to the point quickly, give you what you want then move on. Itís going to be interesting to witness the trail of destruction that these guys leave behind as they progress. Solid stuff.

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