A horrible hack

Mike Arsenault - Mark Leonard

The Get Lit Split

Year Released: 2013
Format: CDR
Label: Wilted Rose
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Jul 2, 2013
Mark Leonard (cf recent reviews) is back on this split, teaming up with Mike Arsenault. Mike's up first and immediately I am put off by the lyrics and the big writing 'FUCK COPS' at the top of the insert. This kind of (ignorant?) prejudice pisses me off whenver I see it. It seems to be an "acceptable" thing to say within "the scene", which is weird seeing hardcore is meant to be about being open minded. Back to the music, there are some nice personal touches and I love the pure art of playing an acoustic guitar and singing personal lyrics, it's just that this is substandard in all respects. Mark's songs fit well with his other folk-punk release---read into that what you will. Sadly whilst bands can be bad at playing their instruments in punk and still make amazing music, I'm not convinved it's the case in folk.

2nd July 2013

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