A horrible hack

Borrowed Beams Of Light

Hot Springs

Year Released: 2012
Format: 12" EP
Label: Funny / Not Funny
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jul 5, 2013
First up, a big sorry: this one was squirreled away in a cupboard at my place of work, along with a pile of other records that have been hidden from view by boxes of stationary following a somewhat arduous house move. Oops. Borrowed Beams Of Light feature six (count 'em!) people and play a rather lovely brand of indie pop that's somewhat more ambitious than your average Sebadoh clone, seeming as informed by the likes of XTC, Love and Big Star as Built To Spill or whatever. It's all pleasingly joyous, the gooey, nasal vocals winding merrily amid jaunty synth lines, soaring guitar licks, tinkling bells and all manner of other frothy, fun stuff for six neatly-orchestrated tracks. Things are perky, varied and impeccably-performed, meaning this sweet little teaser should be right up your alley if you have a soft spot for the Shins or whatever Stephen Malkmus was last up to with his Jicks.

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