A horrible hack

Graham Repulski

Cop Art

Year Released: 2013
Format: CD
Label: Big School
Reviewed by MH on Jul 10, 2013
Graham Repulski has had a number of highly positive reviews on this website but I am hearing him for the first time having not got around to taking the previous advice of my fellow reviewers. This is Repulski's ninth album and it's another short one - 13 songs on offer and a good few of them don't get past the 60 second mark. He plays quite pleasant and lo-fi indie pop songs with plenty of distortion and noisy effects and I am going to fall into the familiar trap of highlighting the influence of Guided By Voices but I think it is a fair point.

I am into it but am not completely sold yet. I like a few of the poppier songs on here and he can certainly write a decent tune. It shines through the distortion on songs like "Smile Across Your Legs" and "Boilerplate Knockouts". At 3 minutes and 26 seconds long, the comparatively epic "Why I Don't Believe In Anything" is another good song. However, some of the more experimental moments are a little too jarring for my own personal tastes. With that being part of his trademark style you are unlikely to be disappointed here if you have enjoyed his previous work, and are going to delight in hearing this new one.

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