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Go Deep


Year Released: 2013
Format: 7"
Label: Mayfly Records
Reviewed by Toby on Jul 23, 2013
I've taken an age to write this review and (amongst many other excuses) it's in part due to my struggle to articulate about the record.

So rather than try some long winded blathering (bit late perhaps) instead here's a list of some bands; Abandon Ship, Black Tax, Gorilla Biscuits, Double Negative, Champion. You like those bands? You'll most likely like this.

Seeing as how I've taken so long though here's a marginally more in-depth bit of reviewing.

Go Deep basically present a fresh take on a classic sound. All the trademarks of decent hardcore are here: half times? Uh huh, Chugging guitars? You know it. Blast beats following a half time? Oui Monsiour. But there is a more intelligent spin on things here; The vocals really remind me of Rob from Abandon Ship in that they are more stretched/spoken than screamed - meaning you can pick out the pissed off middle aged diatribes (and with lines like "I'll look you in the eyes and tell you that you're fucked" you'll want to catch them all). Rather than just a simple break down mid song there's often more of a discordant off key affair going on that might even bring Embrace or Fugazi to mind rather than say Chain of Strength. Saying all of that mind, when they drop the classic mid song pause and spoken word into a mosh part they don't mess around.

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