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Face to Face

Three Chords and a Half Truth

Year Released: 2013
Format: CD
Label: Rise
Reviewed by Toby on Aug 6, 2013
For me, Face to Face have always been a favourite staple, a band I can always fall back on if I want some incredible timeless music, up there with bands like Snuff, Samiam or The Thermals; so this really pains me to review as Three Chords and a Half Truth is not just a bad Face to Face album (because letís face it Ė in previous circumstances a sub-par Face to Face album would still be head and shoulders over most bands) but itís just a bad album full stop. Itís understandable that after nine albums a band might want to change their sound up a bit but thereís a reason AC/DC donít do this and itís the same reason Face to Face shouldnít Ė they have a sound that defines them and itís a bloody good one. Iím all for creativity but if youíre going to branch out from such a good sound and experiment then you better make damn well sure itís not some half arsed Social Distortion rip off with some terrible rockabilly thrown in which sadly for myself and other face to face fans - this album is.

I feel like I should go into more detail and review track by track but all thatís going to amount to is a character assassination of a band I love and I donít want to be that guy.

For me this album feels like the band are trying to push themselves to get a piece of the mainstream punk pie that bands like Against Me! Have been eating for a while, each song feels like it wants to be the albumís big sing-a-long anthem but that results in a really disjointed collection of sub-average Clash a-likes.

Iím gutted to have to write this review and itís hard to believe itís the same band that put out Big Choice and How to Ruin Everything so Iíll just pretend this album never happened and I hope that if they bring anything new out they might just stick to what theyíre good at.

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