A horrible hack

The Bohemian Embassy

Built For The Future

Year Released: 2011
Format: CD
Label: Glasstone Records
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Aug 14, 2013
I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but I did. I came into this expecting to hate it, mainly due to how the band looked, and particularly their hats.

It turns out I did hate it. I mean, itís well played quirky indie pop. Not as quirky and weird as it thinks it is though. Its like going to a very middle class house party in the South West (It turns out they are from Bath, which explains that), filled with uninteresting hippyish people who think because they can do fire poi then they are weird and interesting. I would rather be at home watching the telly, and the people there would accuse you of 'being boring'. I call it forced weirdness. I would rather be fucking dull.

To be fair to them, I am boring and I hate other people and socialising.

The musical equivalent of people who tell you that they are 'crazy and wacky'.

Looking them up on the internet - they call themselves skiffle punk - there is a folky twang to them. The internet also tells me they are a great live band, quite the entertainers apparently, no doubt they are, I would hate it though. But I'm a grump. Maybe you aren't and would be into it. I can't wait to turn it off.

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