A horrible hack

Muncie Girls


Year Released: 2013
Format: 12" EP
Label: Specialist Subject
Reviewed by MH on Aug 15, 2013
I like a bit of Muncie Girls - never sure if they are a punk, indie rock or pop trio but it really doesn't matter and most likely is that they are all three at once. They are also not all girls, only one of them is, but if you've already heard them you probably know that already and they have been gigging aplenty in the UK in the last year or so. They remind me of a more restrained and cleaner-sounding Caves and these four new tracks live up to the promise of their demo and EP from last year with smart melodies and hooks... It's all more than solid, straightforward and catchy but the third track "Music Forever" is brilliant and, for me, the best song they have written so far. It has a melancholy edge and starts off a lot quieter and slower than their other stuff. I'm always going to favour the sad songs. Worth picking this up for that song alone and the rest of it ain't bad either.

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