A horrible hack

Bones and the Aft

The Ear

Year Released: 2013
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Sep 12, 2013
This is something I have been delaying listening to for a long, long time. The reason for the self-imposed delay is the packaging, which is clearly something that someone has taken a long, long time working on and made me want to like the attendant album so, so much.

Apparently this is the latest in a long, long series of works stretching back to 1983, which in itself is something quite extraordinary and I can only imagine the content of the early works, when instead of remembering what Brixton and Streatham were like way back when, the songwriter was actually experiencing it.

This album seems to be an extended eulogy to a long-gone London, where a single on the tube didnít cost £3.80 and two pints of beer didnít leave you with £1.20 change from a tenner. Knowingly ďpunkĒ in every element of itís presentation and performance, the one thing the makers of this extraordinary piece of work have somehow omitted to acknowledge is that talking about the past and how much better it was than today is just about the least ďpunkĒ thing itís possible to do.

This is the three Rís
Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.

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