A horrible hack

Baby Ghosts

Ghosts In A Vacuum

Year Released: 2013
Format: 7"
Label: Lost Cat - Drunken Sailor
Reviewed by MH on Sep 20, 2013
Here is some entertaining indie rock from a band from Salt Lake City. There are four songs on this 7inch and it's energetic, catchy and a little garagey. The female vocals on here are something that separate this from the pack as they have a unique edge to them which stands out in particular on the chorus to opener "Heaven Is A Place In Space". The lyrics are a touch offbeat and quirky too - my pick of the bunch comes from final song, "Love Me Buy Can't" - "Hey dude, your skeleton is getting cold. I thought I'd hug it but you're way too old". I also like the cover photo - a proper ghost if ever I saw one!

One thing that I should also admit is that it took me about 6 months to get around to reviewing this and it was only when seeing it listed on a distro page the other day that I remembered I'd been sent this. 16th February was the day I got the email with the files. Today is 1st September. Appalling behaviour! Anyway, I'm really quite glad that I got around to giving this a listen. There is more where this came from too - three other releases on the Bandcamp page including an LP.

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