A horrible hack

Lee Corey Oswald - Three Man Cannon


Year Released: 2013
Format: LP
Label: Black With Sap
Reviewed by MH on Oct 11, 2013
Eleven songs on this split. Three Man Cannon have at least one Tigers Jaw member and have been floating around sporadically for 3 years-ish. Their sound isn't a millions miles away from Tigers Jaw but theirs is a little looser form of indie rock. They have a touch of the slacker sound about them too with the slow pace and lazy vocals. "Wonderful Lungs" has a "da-da-da-da" bit which makes me think they might like Pavement. The faster "Comb" follows this song and has a singalong vibe with its "You can tell all your friends back home that I'm such an asshole" refrain. I'd say they probably peak with these two songs but it's solid fare otherwise and they verge on raucous with their final track “Los Ruiz”. Portland's Lee Corey Oswald are punkier and raw. They sound like a slightly rougher version of The Menzingers at times particularly in the vocals and they hover around the edges of punk and indie rock with fuzzy guitars and an upbeat rhythm section. Solid split and pretty much an album's worth of songs to get your teeth into. Three Man Cannon shade it for me on this record with their more laidback sounds.

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