A horrible hack


Fast Music Means Love

Year Released: 2013
Format: CD
Label: Junky Monkey records - Underground pollution records - Nuclear alcholocaust - and many more
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Oct 16, 2013
This is the second Yattai record I've reviewed today, I thought it would be two too much (It was a struggle to get through the 50 songs on their discography). However this is 16 minutes long, which is perfect. It is still grind / powerviolence / hardcore, it is still really good, but now it isn't an hour long, and far more bearable, by the time I'd typed all the labels that are putting this out, most of the record was done.

It is great, nicely produced, great blast beat filled songs, screaming, riffs, thrashing about, you can just imagine crusties with their shirts off striding around punching the floor, pushing into you and their horrible sweaty bodies rubbing against you when all you want to do is watch the bands, then lambasting you for not getting into it enough: I would if your dreadlocks didn't keep hitting me in the face you cunt. It's no wonder i cant leave my house.

Highly recommended!

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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