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Year Released: 2013
Format: LP
Label: self released
Reviewed by MH on Oct 25, 2013
Calvinball are now no more having split up very recently. They'd been around for a few years and put out about 40 songs on various releases including splits with The Dauntless Elite and Caves and I've enjoyed seeing them play live on a few occasions over the past few years. This first and last full length was put together in just over a week in June this year. Once the rowdy "Queen Elizardbath II" has kicked in after the brief intro track, it's a brash, high-octane 25 or so minutes. They only slow things down on "The Guy With The Shit Fireworks" which is something of a relative to their "I Grew Up On Copperhead Road" track from their early days. They even manage to fit the word "nobhead" on to this track. I wasn't expecting much of a departure in sound but they have slickened up a touch. Don't worry, that old familiar raggedness is still there and that was always part of their charm for me. Also, it wouldn't be Calvinball without singalongs the size of terrace chants and there are plenty of them on here. Amidst those vocals they are aided by others including Wakey Ste from Pudge and that can only ever be a good thing. They go out with a bang at the end with "Ron Swansong" which is as raucous and shouty as you'd want from these guys. Also, back to that "Queen Elizardbath II" song - best song they've ever written? I think so.

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