A horrible hack

Nikki Louder

Golden Men

Year Released: 2013
Format: CD
Label: MoonLee - Zalozba Radio Student
Reviewed by Alex Hannan on Nov 5, 2013
Third album from these Slovenian noiserockers leaps out of the blocks with a kinetic bout of riffing, warmly fuzzed out and spaciously reverbed, recalling a scuzzed up version of the DC band REGULATORWATTS. Sporadic yelled vocals complete the urgent vibe, but after a minute they dial back the intensity and guitars spider off into their higher range for a quiet, eerie breakdown which gradually gathers forces. The guitarwork feels as though it's got some emo roots in it, and the start of second track "Barefeet" moves into APPLESEED CAST-like territory - but the chunky basslines on tracks like the follow up "Mouse dress / Hey Joe" swing the overall sound back to noise-rock, with guitar scribbles swooping through the air above it.

"Bridge to infinity" comes on strong with the REGULATORWATTS-isms, urgent high vocals, tight but minimal rhythm section and peals of guitar kaleidoscoped by delay. "Indian companion" has a tortured rolling gait before relaxing into melancholy fuzz at the end, showing off the band's ability to gather storms and let them pass, unfolding songs gradually and with a light touch. Lyrics are quite personal and poetic, like those to "Barefeet": "we walked through the river / barefeet - very good idea / we were lost when we started / home was just an echo."

This is an impressive album, and feels like the work of people with strong musical interaction and intuition - it was recorded in three days, and the high-wire complexity of musical interaction they display make that no mean feat. Hope they tour!

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