A horrible hack

Lapsus Linguae


Year Released: 2013
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Edward Ling on Dec 6, 2013
Initially, thoughts are along the lines of "what the... sweet... FUCK is this??" Plinky plonky piano to start, and then musically running all over the fucking place, with keys everywhere and barely audible gravelly vocals. Avant Garde. This sounds like Copshootcop / Firewater spliced with the Santiago Durango project Arsenal with, god knows, something mainstream and everso slightly poppy like the Kaiser Chiefs. That, however, and the fact that this is ultra-progressive DIY, an ambitious and technically accomplished self-release funded by the wonders of Kickstarter, builds a pretty solid case to love the sweaty arse out of this. Odd as you like, but unceasingly and dazzlingly interesting, and with awesome song titles. Flightpath of the Enola Gay or Papa shiteholez anyone?

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