A horrible hack

Blood Bright Star - High Aura'd


Year Released: 2013
Format: 7"
Label: Anti-Matter
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Dec 28, 2013
Having listened to a bastard-load of grinding, gurning filth all day while suffering a slow-to-build headache that promises to be a right corker, this is just the ticket. High Aura'd begin proceedings with 'Remain In Light', a five-minute piece comprising shapeless murmurs and tingling guitar drone that's like waking on a cold, crisp morning without the hangover you really deserve to have. Blood Bright Star offer something that's a bit more corporeal, their 'Golden Blood, Part II' reminiscent of what it might sound like if Barn Owl latched onto a Lungfish riff, loping ever forward like a glum cowboy clopping his way round a Möbius strip for all eternity. Nice on both counts, though both bands would admittedly benefit from full-length releases rather than divvying up a 7" between them.

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