A horrible hack



Year Released: 2013
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jan 6, 2014
Chris from Lake Michigan is a busy fellow, seems to have a release out every couple of months. Here he puts his talents to making leaden footed indie rock with some other people, and it’s like an even more fed up version of the Wedding Present (!), maybe if the Wedding Present had been listening to loads of Sunny Day Real Estate and Codeine or something. The vocals are all over the shop, off key, hitting the right place here and there, but not always, and clearly giving no shit. The guitars plough a grim furrow, I like it when indie rock sounds properly fed up, and Bouvier completely nail that. I hope that a bunch of kids growing up now realise how shit indie rock has been since the 90s and just make broken down nonsense like this instead. It really sounds on the edge of giving up at times, like the band are thinking fuck it all, gonna finish up this short song and drive into a tree. The songs are called things like “Oh” and “Waning”. I appreciate that.

Rarely do bands sound so wholehearted about being half hearted. There’s a lot to like here, well, not sure like is the word, a lot to feel in tune with perhaps. More power to them, look forward, I think, to hearing more.

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