A horrible hack

Beat Easton


Year Released: 2013
Format: Tape
Label: Nervous Youth
Reviewed by MH on Jan 12, 2014
This is some rather smart indie from a new Southampton band. It's a little slow, a little dreamy, a little Built To Spill-esque and all in all rather lovely. The vocals are the main part that is giving me that dreamy adjective as they have a light and delicate feel. Musically, there is a melancholy feel to the four songs on here and the poppy side of this is leading me to throw in a Death Cab For Cutie reference. Closing track "I-78" is my favourite track on here. It opens with some American Football twinkling and there is a bit of that throughout the EP. This is a very promising beginning. Give it a go if you like the bands I've mentioned as you might well find something here.

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