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the Love Triangle

Clever Clever

Year Released: 2013
Format: LP
Label: Static Shock
Reviewed by Norrie Sills on Jan 15, 2014
Wow! Looking at the cover of this LP it all looks a bit thrown together and stuck down with pritstick. Photo of a couple of muscle men on the front cover pasted over a Paisley pattern type back ground, on the back three random photos of the band members, and when I say random I mean they couldnít have given it less thought or at least thatís what they want us to think. One of the photos is in colour, the drummer, itís a really badly taken photo it could be anyone in the photo. The other two photos are better (just slightly better) but only because of luck. There is also a cut out picture of Donna Summer with a speech bubble with the words ďI Feel Love.Ē It doesnít give so much the impression that itís been thrown together but rather that it has been thrown together by someone with a deranged and thought disordered mind who has limited himself to 2 minutes to put it together. The reason I mention it as there is something about it that made me immediately know that this was going to be something very special. As soon as the needle hitís the groove itís blast off. Sends all the other records and tapes reeling. 77 type punk rock which is so immediately gratifying, itís hard to believe that youíve not grown up with this in your collection. The most obvious comparisons will be to bands like The Damned and The Buzzcocks and not so much because they sound like them but because they are as good as them. Their influences are clearly in 77 London but with the best of any bands it is clear that they listen to everything and anything. The vocals are strong and distinctive, sounding like a mix of The Adictsí Monkey and a snotty Damon Alburn on speed with a dash of The Cardiacs and Jazz Coleman to throw you off. The tunes are catchy as herpes in winter. Itís not pop punk, itís catchy pogo punk. Not one bad track on here but stand outs for me were DO YOU THINK YOUíVE FOUND LOVE, SETTLING IN, JUST YOU WAIT, THE WAIT, TOUCHING GOD. Lyrically great too, gallows humour, snotty, sarcastic and challenging. In summary : Fucking Great Record buy it before NME destroys it for you.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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