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Year Released: 2013
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Rob Mair on Jan 17, 2014
For all the arguments about the so-called emo revival, you can see the influences of the new wave of bands clearly in LSP’s second EP.

While the nods to Kinsella-core guitars are both standard and in place front and centre, it’s the other influences that stand out strongly. The spoken word passages instantly recall Old Gray, while the adventurous (and surprisingly successful considering this is just their second EP) melding of emo, screamo, post-rock and indie follows the blueprint laid out by The World is a Beautiful Place…

As a result, LSP sound very much a distilled version of those bands. But that doesn’t mean ‘Still’ is a bad release or without merit because, quite simply, these Lancashire lads have nailed it.

It’s a somewhat divided release, with lead single ‘The Summer Went’ and ‘Rhubarb’ keeping things accessible and light in vibe and highlighting the more traditional American Football style indie/emo influences, while the more progressive ‘Ambulance’ (a real standout) and ‘Alreet’ emphasise LSP’s willingness to push their sound with strength, confidence and clarity.

I’m also a keen fan of the vocals which show huge promise throughout. The slurred singing recalls Northstar’s Nick Torres (always going to be a plus in my book), while the screaming remains passionate, audible and cleverly used.

For my money though, I’d like to see them loosen the ties to the Topshelf/Broken World Media sound and throw in some more of their own ideas. But they’re clearly a talented lot, and as they grow more confident I’m sure this will happen.

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