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American Haiku


Year Released: 2013
Format: Tape
Label: self released
Reviewed by BW Easey on Jan 19, 2014
Denver based three-piece ‘American Haiku’ dropped their debut record ‘E.P’ early this winter and it’s a release that should be on any Emo enthusiasts top ten of 2013.

‘E.P’ is an impressive display of their 90’s influenced Emo/Post-punk styling’s that bears resemblance to Desaparecidos, La Dispute and Weezer. The relatively new act was formed after the demise of vocalist Reid Wolf and Drummer Joe Linden’s previous act, ‘Orphans’. The duo took Wolfs iPhone demo’s to Halogen Sound Studios alongside bassist Sienna Friend.

The rough lo-fi power portrayed on the short 17 minute 6-track is a feat many new acts find hard to master, particularly on their first release. Wolfs unique adolescence adds a rough yet fragile tone to the emo-esque musicianship.

‘Grey Magic’ the albums lead single, is a perfect demonstration of the bands eclectic styling’s featuring the beautiful harmonies sparingly shared between Wolf and Friend hidden under melancholic emo shouts, gritty guitars and minimalistic yet impacting drums.

The warm, fuzzy analogue sound created on ‘E.P’ is a refreshing reminder that there are still bands with the ability to touch upon classics from their genres golden era without merely digging up their graves and stealing their formula.

American Haiku manage to re-imagine their predecessor’s music adding their own flair to the sound by mixing in their own personal musical tendencies with dashes of hardcore and pop punk. Head over to their bandcamp for a free download of the album.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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