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Secret Plot to Blow Up The Entire Universe

I Only Miss You When I Want To

Year Released: 2012
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by C. Kuzmiski on Jan 27, 2014
here seems to be a lot of emo/gruffish/post-hardcore kicking about at the moment. It is tempting to just place the lot under the umbrella of ‘alt-rock’. It is probable the unwieldy named Secret Plot to Blow Up The Entire Universe wouldn’t like that.

Or maybe they wouldn’t care? The come-one-come-all environment of 'I only Miss You When I Want to' suggests four guys who’d probably hand you a brewski and laugh it off.

No less than three of the nine songs feature the Nineties in their lyrics or title. That’s all you need to know. Yearning is the subject and bittersweet the object. Chances are by the time you reach 30 you won’t have achieved your goals, your flat is a shithole and you are skint, but who cares, Secret Plot… are playing tonight and all your old mates are there. It’s fine.

As loathsome as the term is, ‘grungey’ are the amps, high emotion the register. It’s all unabashed abandon and let it all out – with added tape hiss. Tellingly, there is more than a passing resemblance to Basement’s Colourmeinkindness going on, albeit less mawkish.

In final track ‘I Only Miss You When I Want To’ the angst gets to its logical conclusion, “I’m a failure and I want to die” he pleads. It’s a bit much. Arch drama isn’t really what this is all about and that song aside it’s group hugs all round. In fact, at points it gets a bit soppier than is necessary. Particularly on ‘Tips for Staying Sweet…’ It's nice that you are over the macho hardcore thing guys, but show a little courage.

If you are a bit older than you care to think about, and can remember emo the first time around, you are in good company. Secret Plot are here to carry the burden and soothe away all those problems of your own making.

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