A horrible hack

Lord Snow


Year Released: 2013
Format: LP
Label: Adagio830
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Feb 8, 2014
I liked this band already, but then I found out they had a song on a previous release called “It Is Known”. That there is nothing on here entitled “You Know Nothing” is a missed trick. Anyways. Lord Snow is probably the only screamo band other than Ampere that is making music that I find relevant. This record is a splurge of 70ish second long songs, all yelled, squealed, yelped and blurted, whilst people play guitars as if their life depended on it. Everything is broken. Everything is falling apart. Calypso collapso. One song ends, another begins, such is life. Semblances of melody are to be detected amidst the fractured noises. It’s entirely a muddle, full of people who know only how to do this. It’s how I remember screamo sounded once upon a time without being a pointless tribute to Witching Hour ghosts. An infuriating babble, a frenzied scenario of futile mess. Non stop irrationality. Done and dusted in double quick time, and that’s probably for the best. I don’t even.

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