A horrible hack

Jakob Riis and Bill Horist

The Cessation Elegy

Year Released: 2014
Format: CD
Label: Lava Thief
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Feb 9, 2014
Released back in April of 2013, this calm and unassuming music has the contemplative feel of a project created by two musicians completely at home with themselves, each other and each others music.

There really is no need to rush.

An occasionally unsettling mix of wordless, solo acoustic guitar melded with dense, industrial hum and mysterious Bladerunner acoustics, this is music which steadfastly refuses to announce its intentions. What it is one moment, will almost certainly not be something different the next and from what follows is something then again another form to takes slightly identical.

Take your time, we have an age.

Whistling and skittering aplenty, the both of them intertwined to make something pleasingly trombonic, something outside is trying to get inside and all that stands between us and them is the pause facility on your tape deck. Will you depress that button or will you allow them to infiltrate? To not make a decision is the most frightening decision of all.

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