A horrible hack


Back to the Shadows

Year Released: 2013
Format: Tape
Label: Eat A Book
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Mar 6, 2014
What happened to Ten Speed Bicycle, is that still a thing? Kai from 10 Speeds turns up here, and Bloomer are making endearingly muddy indie pop. It’s somewhere between Grass Widow and Joanna Gruesome, which is the kind of spectacularly lazy description you’re going to get from the likes of me. There are 4 songs, they all crusade along with plenty of pep and punk rock, fuzzing the melody and drowning the vocals. I particularly enjoy the resilient drumming on opener “Lose My World”, it keeps on going whilst everything else is sinking... slowly sinking into the mud. And on goes the drummer, soldiering on, whilst everyone else is overwhelmed in the trenches. Jolly good show drummer, for king and country! Bloomer do not really attempt anything above and beyond over the course of these 4 songs, they set out their stall and you can come along and browse, pick up a few things and show your friend, “oh yes I used to have one of those in the 90s”. Nostalgia. Does this sound really harsh? It’s not meant to. These are 4 good songs, and I would love to see them fire through an 8 song 20 minute set with no talking and a bunch of charming feedback in between songs.

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