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Adam Balbo


Year Released: 2013
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by MH on Mar 21, 2014
So, Adam Balbo, we meet again. I have previously reviewed a couple of Adam's projects and quite liked one song in particular from his folk outfit Pool Whales a while back. However, I was a little less enamoured by his "The Jester" full length last time out so he may or may not be delighted to note that I am reviewing his latest full length. This time he has a couple of others along for the ride adding bass and drums to his acoustic guitar, vocals and harmonica. "Sap" is Adam's 858th album (or thereabouts) and this time he goes for more of a garage rock sound with the harmonica getting a lot of air time. It's quirky again as is a regular theme with him particularly lyrically. Opener "Meo's Shop" talks about how he has to grind his own sausage in his line of work. It could be a metaphor or maybe it's literal. There are 14 songs and most of them are shortish and snappy so don't really outstay their welcome...apart from "What It Means" which has a rather excessive and lengthy harmonica interlude and is just too long for me as a whole. I may well have been reconditioned having just reviewed that A Page Of Punk record so any songs longer than 20 seconds are a drag at the moment but I'm not really into this song. "Without You" is a nice little sad tune though. Same with "Lucky Guy". When he goes for the sad, simple tunes he does quite a nice job and I kind of like it. Some of it anyway. I like it more than "The Jester" and I admire his lack of pretension in particular. He remains an acquired taste but it is safe to say that if you like his other stuff you will probably be into this too.

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