A horrible hack

Holy Pinto!

Brunswick Mill EP

Year Released: 2013
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by MH on Apr 2, 2014
This band sent their email in a while back and it looks like they've released a couple of things since then. I've opted for the second release of the three - this 4-track EP. I'm not sure why. I stuck them all on my ipod - maybe the amplifier on the cover just jumped out at me. Just noticed I said "band" - to be more specific they are a duo from Manchester. There are a lot of them around right now so I will save going through the motions of saying they sound like there are more than two of them involved. Holy Pinto! are into that indie punk malarkey and it's one singing guitarist and a drummer doing backing vocals. The opener sets their stall out - more indie than punk and quite a light poppy feel. The lyrics are slightly melancholy. A decent opener, and second song "Avianca" is a really cool song - nicely melodic and simple with a big singalong. A nicely short and sweet pair of songs. There is a keyboard (possibly - or something similar) on the third track and both that one and the last track, "Congratulations", are slower and go much further into indie pop territory. Reminds me a little of The Minor Leagues who I have reviewed on here a while ago. Not bad but I prefer the first two songs personally. Will check out their other stuff too as I hear they have evolved a little with each release being a little different.

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