A horrible hack


Hirn Fein Hacken

Year Released: 2014
Format: Download
Label: Exile On Mainstream - Rock is Hell
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Apr 26, 2014
This band is from Austria and when crudely translated, the title of the album means “Brain Fine Hoes” – although something’s probably got lost in there somewhere.

Additionally, I think the cover art might be one of those Magic Eye pictures that were popular for ten minutes in the mid-nineties; the first one I ever saw was in the centre spread of my grandparent’s copy of The Daily Express. The trick was not to actually look at the image, but to try to look THROUGH the image and then, as if by magic, a dolphin or a space rocket or some other stupid shit would appear and you could feel even more superior to people who were/near/short-sighted because their eyes were all wrong and they couldn’t see the space rocket.

This album has a lot of swearing in it, so far I have heard both “crap” and “arsehole,” minor league swears admittedly, but still moderately shocking. Shocking too is the music contained between the grooves of this download, which at times sounds as though it’s purposefully attempting to be “wacky, zany, quirky” and all those other adjectives which polite middle-aged women use to describe things they don’t properly understand but are afraid of offending the minority groups that do.

As usual with this kind of thing, the press release mentions Beefheart, something that is by this stage almost completely devoid of value or meaning. In this case the reference has been thought appropriate, as a few of the tracks contain the sort of atonal, discordant flailing that has been carefully designed to suggest improvised originality.

However, the press release also mentions Gustav Metzger, an artist of such unbelievable depth and true originality that you should go and research him immediately; so put down that biscuit and click on this.

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