A horrible hack

Los Pecadores

Escape From Uranus

Year Released: 2013
Format: CD
Label: Owlbot Records
Reviewed by Norrie Sills on May 22, 2014
Escape from Uranus is a collection of nine surf punk songs from (I think Leeds based) Los Pecadores. Really difficult to avoid comparisons with Man or Astroman, particularly as the band has some cool b movie voice cuts between tracks and also the last time I heard surfy type stuff this good it was Man or Astroman? Itís a bit more punk chuggy in places than their easiest comparison band. At times it ventures into death camp surf like the Dead Kennedys, If music can sound sarcastic this does it. There is no vocals on here outside of the movie cuts. If you like surf punk you're really going to like this, itís well played and the tunes are cool. Some will use it for background music, I love driving to it, Surf punks will dance. CD has sweet art work, despite the Uranus joke being an oldie.

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