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Gabe Katz

It's Good To Have Friends

Year Released: 2014
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on May 23, 2014
Ivan Pavlov’s theories of the “conditioned reflex” are of course well known to anyone who’s ever heard the chimes of an ice cream van ringing several streets away. The notion of having a 99 has not been present anywhere in your conscious mind since last August, but from the very moment those four-wheeled pimps start cruising in early April, suddenly it’s the only thing you can think about.

This album had a curious affect on me which, I believe has it’s roots somewhere in Pavlov’s thinking – every time I put it on, I immediately had to listen to GI by The Germs over and over again for two straight hours.

It may interest potential listeners to learn that Hunter Ellis, creator of the Fidanza-reviewed abomination “The Healing Power of Laughter,” played both violin and mandolin on this album, which, if you have read the other review, should tell you everything you (don’t) need to know.

RIP – Jan Paul Beahm.

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